June 13, 2024


Welcome to the Food

Your Daily FoodScope for July 11, 2021

Do you often find yourself wondering what food to cook, how to cook it, and even that dreaded question—how much of it? It’s a daily struggle for all of us, but need not be with our food horoscope. Satisfaction is only a click away!


Communicate with people through email and text messages today. That way you can get your message through without actually talking. Take that one step further and order a calzone and garlic bread online from the local Italian restaurant. Now you can even get lunch without talking to someone else.


It’s good to make plans for the future but make sure they’re adaptable. That will be mostly true of long-term goals, but also of things in your immediate future. So if the last of the free-range roasted chickens has been sold, buy a pre-roasted rotisserie chicken instead. It’ll be just as tasty and a lot less work.


You may be forced to follow through on some of your braggings today. But that’s not a problem for you; in fact, you welcome the challenge. You’ll stay up all night if you have to, just to show them that no one makes creme brulee like you. You’ll be glad to share, just as soon as they’re done eating crow.


You’ll have too many uncompleted tasks on your plate, and the workweek is rapidly coming to an end. Panic will set in if you let it, so gather your energies inward. Sip on a cup of warm chamomile tea and feel the positivity within grow. Then again, that might also be panic. Either way, the tea will help.


Your brainstorms may prove to be little more than drizzle today, and your brainpower no more than a 100-pound weakling. A lack of proper nutrition may behind your head fuzzies, so start making amends fast. A grilled ahi sandwich on a sourdough roll with a green salad will wake up the hamster.

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No matter how hard you try, things will still get screwed up today. So go about your business in a slow and methodical manner to minimize mistakes. But it may be best to stir fry chicken and veggies for dinner tonight. Who knows what disaster could ensue if you tried ordering at the Chinese restaurant.


You’ll want to experience new things today, so why not start with your choice of cuisine? Eschew the safety of Thai or Chinese and go for something daring. Burmese is influenced by a lot of your faves but still has its own distinct style. Try the mohinga for starters. They don’t call it the national dish of Burma for nothin’!


Your detection of the tiniest details will be uncanny today, and it’ll be a good day to read the fine print. That way you may discover just how much sodium is in canned soups, even those that claim to be reduced sodium. Making your own chicken noodle soup will be good for your soul, and your heart.


For your next trick, you’ll walk on the same water that you’ll later turn to wine. You’ll be quite the miracle worker at work today, and you’ll even help out coworkers. Meet them at Happy Hour later and partake freely of fine German beer and many fried seafood combos. But you’ll know when it’s time to disappear into thin air, like as the check arrives.


Today will not be one for idle chitter-chat or mindless gossip. You’ll cut right to the chase today, getting immediately to the heart of a message. This, however, will make you a social pariah. But that’s okay with you. You’d rather eat your crab salad sandwich alone rather than listen to tedious drivel.


Today will be a good one as it seems as if all of your ideas are locking in. This will give you the peace of mind to start developing exciting new ideas. A little brain food will help with that, giving you an excuse to indulge in honey-glazed scallops and a grilled salmon filet. A little Omega3 can go a long way.


You’ll balance many plates today, and you’ll do it with the efficiency of an established pro. But too much balancing will get exhausting; the only plate you’ll want to see at the end of the day better be piled high with fettuccine smothered in a thick, garlicky seafood sauce.

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