July 14, 2024


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Tips for Creating a Sustainable Bar

12 Ways to Make Your Restaurant More Sustainable - Open for Business

Sustainability is more than just a theme. It is a strategic effort that may help your business reduce its carbon footprint while meeting the needs of customers. There are plenty of ways to promote sustainability regardless of whether you operate a large or small bar. Keep reading to learn about them. 

  1. Start with the Basics

If you plan on embracing sustainability, start with the small things. Get rid of paper napkins and plastic straws and replace them with eco-friendly options. Cork-based coasters and bamboo straws may be great for a start. Some bars prefer to avoid the straws completely. 

  1. Upcycle and Recycle

Recycling and upcycling may be easy for bars that are part of a restaurant. Foods from your kitchen may be great for your cocktails. Lemons, limes, and oranges are appropriate for use in the bar as well as your kitchen. Your goal should be to think of multiple uses for all your foods. Coffee grinds, for example, may be appropriate for making coffee liqueur. 

  1. Sustainability –Themed Menus

Design a menu that focuses on sustainability. Consider creating menus that have no ice or perishables.  Sustainable cocktails promote farm to table consumption. They use locally sourced ingredients to minimize pollution and save energy. 

  1. Reduce Consumption of Ice 

Rethink the use of ice in your cocktails to save money and energy. Using less ice means that your bar will have minimal impact on the environment. Save energy for cocktails that need ice during the preparation process. While it may not be possible to eliminate the use of ice completely, you can put in effort to reduce it. 

  1. Review Your Equipment and Space

Consider changing your bar layout and equipment to promote efficiency. Changing your glassware, for example, may reduce your loads when using the dishwasher hence saving you energy and money. Energy-efficient freezers may help you save money as well. 

  1. Make It Part of Your Branding

Make sustainability part of your overall branding message. Instead of having just one sustainable cocktail, consider changing your whole drinks menu. Raise awareness about the need for sustainability and ensure that your employees know why it is important. Branding your bar with the sustainability message will attract the right customers. 

  1. Get Inspiration

Consider creating a list of eco-friendly bars that inspire you and write down the specific things that you like about them. Keep an eye on their cocktails, layout, and general practices. They may help you implement eco-friendly yet sustainable solutions. 

  1. Check Your Suppliers

Ensure that your suppliers understand the need for sustainability as much as you do. If, for example, you need paper napkins, ensure that your supplier has recyclable options.

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