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The Simpsons: Each Main Character’s Favorite Food

Whether it’s greasy fast food, a flaming cocktail, or an ice-cold beer, the residents of Springfield sure love their food. There are almost as many unique foods on The Simpsons as there are characters, and some culinary staples are practically inseparable from the characters who love them.

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Some were so appetizing that they were brought into the real world for fans to enjoy, while others didn’t quite make the jump from the small screen. With over 30 seasons under their belts, the Simpsons family has grown and changed, but certain foods have stood the test of time.


Marge Simpson: Buttered Noodles

An image of Marge giving a speech in the school auditorium

The matriarch of the Simpsons clan is more known for her cooking prowess than the foods she herself enjoys. As the show has demonstrated, Marge’s tastes are plain and she is more interested in serving others than herself. While her husband enjoys a wide variety of foods, from homemade meals to fast food takeout, Marge likes to keep things simple.

In the episode “Mommie Beerest,” Moe confesses his love for Marge and wants to prove that he knows her better than Homer. Hilariously, when asked what Marge’s favorite food is, Homer guesses ice. Moe knows the correct answer is buttered noodles and Marge confirms it. Marge’s favorite dish is an interesting hidden detail about her character and perfectly illustrates who she is as a person: simple but effective.

Lisa Simpson: Fried Shrimp

Lisa Simpson at the table eating fried shrimp

Homer and Marge’s second child Lisa is an intelligent if unsure little girl with a passion for politics and learning. One of the key aspects of her character established early on in the series is her vegetarianism, as shown in the episode Lisa the Vegetarian. This puts her in stark contrast with the rest of her family, who enjoy a more robust, meat-based diet.

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However, in the episode Treehouse of Horrors, the first of the yearly Halloween episodes, it is established that Lisa’s diet might not be so strict, as she also loves fried shrimp. In the Hungry Are the Damned segment, the aliens Kang and Kodos prepare individual meals for the Simpsons family to fatten them up. Though she is suspicious of the alien’s intentions, the first food she gravitates toward is the fried shrimp.

Maggie Simpson: Unknown

Maggie Simpson Lightsaber

The youngest of the Simpson children is still a baby and doesn’t make any choices for herself. Though she is shown in flash-forwards as a grown woman, little is known about what she enjoys as a baby.

In the series, she is shown eating with the family but it is most likely baby food and isn’t well defined enough to be recognizable. She hardly ever speaks on the show and when she does it is reserved for a philosophical soliloquy, a hilarious gag, or her first words, which was also one of the saddest moments on The Simpsons.

Bart Simpson: Krusty Burger

Bart’s obsession with his idol, Krusty the Clown, runs deep. He buys the merchandise, watches the television show and is even Krusty Buddy number: 16302. It only seemed natural for Bart’s favorite food to be a questionable meat product served by the clown himself at one of his many Krusty Burger locations. Though Krusty Burger serves as a larger location in the series, and many characters are seen eating at the restaurant, it is with Bart that the burger is synonymous.

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Bart’s love for his favorite hamburger is so deep in fact that several of the show’s episodes center around it, including some of the best episodes where Bart and Lisa team-up. In Bart the Fink, Bart accidentally gets Krusty in trouble with the IRS, which causes the clown to lose his restaurant. Bart is so distraught that he goes through tremendous trouble to convince Krusty to come back. Bart Simpson rarely shows a lot of love, but his love for Krusty Burger is undeniable.

Homer Simpson: Duff Beer

Homer Simpson The Simpsons

The lovable everyman, Homer Simpson has many interests in life, and most of them are food. Whether he’s munching on an iconic pink donut at the nuclear plant or loudly professing his love for burgers, Homer is Springfield’s biggest foodie. But there is one food that lords over all others in Homer’s life and that is the locally brewed classic, Duff Beer. Homer’s life practically revolves around Duff, and some of Homer’s funniest episodes involve his love of the suds. Like his son Bart’s obsession with Krusty the Clown, Homer’s love of Duff has taken him to a theme park revolving around Duff, and even on a tour of the factory.

Homer’s love isn’t always the most healthy though, as it has gotten him into hot water on several occasions. In the episode Duffless, Homer gets a DUI after visiting the brewery and Marge makes him swear off of it for a month. Coming off of the booze, Homer hallucinates, but eventually sees the negative effect his drinking has had on his life. Though The Simpsons never strayed away from darker topics, the iconic beer is almost a character itself. In fact, Duff is so synonymous with The Simpsons that it has become a real beverage available in grocery stores and at theme parks.

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