April 15, 2024


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The most popular and a good gift is custom cups with lids.

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Advantages of unusual cups

The cup is a device that is used every day. Everyone has their mug at work or home. Usually, hostesses have a tee set for guests. This is a different type of cup that is only taken out for a celebration. 

Today, it’s hard to surprise anyone with a regular cup. Therefore, many custom cups with lids with unusual designs. This is a good gift for loved ones, friends, or the boss. 

Extraordinary cups for a gift

There are cups of unusual sizes, types, and structures. One such device is the double-bottomed cup. What is it, and how does it work? 

The unique design is the presence of a vacuum “layer” between the outer and inner walls of the cup. It is thanks to it the drink retains its temperature while the outer wall is not heated or cooled.

It is made of two rows of durable glass, between which a vacuum space is created. This creates the necessary conditions for thermal regulation and prolonged heat preservation. 

The cup’s contents stay hot for a long time, and its walls are practically not heated. You can safely handle such a cup with your hands without fear of burning yourself. Some models of cups are additionally equipped with bamboo lids. They serve to protect against debris and scratches.

The main advantages of mugs with a double bottom:

  • Unusual design.
  • Stylish design.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Safe to use. 
  • Heat resistance.
  • Long life.
  • Preservation of aromas and natural taste of the drink.
  • Environmentally friendly and safe materials.
  • Easy and convenient care.

The double glass tumbler is made with an understated design. Thus, such an element will fit into any kitchen, no matter what style was used for its decoration. With them, the table setting will look manageable.

How to choose the right cup for a hot drink

The cup is a versatile device for a variety of hot drinks. But only some know that you need a specific container for different drinks. Depending on the type of beverage a cup is chosen:

  • Coffee. For espresso, small containers are chosen, while for cappuccino and latte — more extensive and taller to leave plenty of room to commit culinary delights. These are the most common choices for coffee shops, restaurants, and offices. 
  • Tea. There are whole tea sets that include a teapot and handy cups. Such tableware contributes to the entire disclosure of tea flavors, and its transparent walls allow you to watch the mesmerizing process of tea leaf opening. 
  • Lemonades and juices. Double cups and glasses are great for serving chilled drinks. They keep all the coolness and freshness of juices, smoothies, etc. 

Glass cups are popular today, and they are versatile. They are an excellent gift for any occasion. The glass device looks spectacular and fascinates the eyes of others. 

Glass objects are unlikely to ever go out of fashion. Their convenience and practicality are optimal for everyday use and treating visitors in a regular coffee shop or a chic restaurant. Such a structure provides ample opportunities for designers to be creative, allowing a significant variety of serving any drink or dessert, which can favorably mark the catering institutions among the vast mass. It is an excellent option to present the contents beautifully enough, thanks to the transparency of the product material, allow to observe the appearance with pleasure and preserve the naturalness of taste and aroma simultaneously.