June 16, 2024


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Technical Food Testing Services, Microbiological Projects, And Shelf-Life Testing

Shelf-life testing at Campden BRI

A proper understanding of shelf life helps prevent wasting foods which goes a long way toward proper food handling. The food expiry dates show the period after which the foods become unsafe for human consumption, and to save food, giving the products an extra shelf-life day reduces food wastage. To achieve the extra shelf-life, enough resources need to get availed, which is one of the significant obstacles that the experts face since they are often limited. The availability of the resources enables the specialized team of experts to meet the necessary food safety standards that prevent the availing of dangerous foods to consumers. 

Through its expertise, Food Safety Net Services helped explain the what is Microbiology testing question through their micro testing laboratories within the United States. Numerous ISO-certified laboratories are found throughout the United States, with others in Mexico and Canada. The numerous locations and availability of the right equipment make it possible for the experts to perform tests properly to achieve the required objective with easy sample transportation. Numerous tests and analysis processes feature throughout the food testing process. 

Technical food testing services

When the question of what microbiology testing is gets raised, then two technical services get featured in the food testing process, the first one is the microbiological projects offered by FSNS through the Laboratory-based challenge studies that include combination and inactivation studies. Additionally, there is the In-Plant Challenge Studies, where the inactivation studies get done by exploiting non-pathogenic surrogate microorganisms. The whole process aims to identify the dip and spray intervention efficiency together with the thermal treatment conditions. FSNS further provides other processes that monitor contaminations and adequately analyze the primary cause of unwanted components in consumer food products. 

The second technical service is the shelf-life studies, where the FSNS professionals perform the studies that improve the food life, making them safe for human consumption. The various studies tend to solve the what is Microbiology testing question through Cooler and Retail Display Case Refrigerated Storage Studies, Room Temperature Ambient Storage Studies, Chemical Evaluation, Organoleptic Evaluation, and Accelerated Shelf Life (Q10 Model) Storage Studies. All the studies aim to determine the various factors that impact the shelf-life period and ways to make the products have a longer shelf life for the benefit of the consumers. 

Guidelines for Microbiological projects and Shelf-life testing

To get the best and most precise answers for Microbiology testing, it becomes necessary to follow the highlighted steps by FSNS. The first process involves detailed and thorough testing to meet the FDA testing standards and prevent food products with harmful elements that put consumers at risk. The determination of harmful elements in the food products holds the potential to sink the brand and keep it out of business. Multiple studies and tests become necessary to ensure that the food is available to the consumers to ensure the end product’s safety. Using the right experts enables one to perform the proper tests which offer the correct information on the safety of the food products availed to consumers. 

The other process involves the identification of the goals within the testing process, which guides the involved parties on the next cause of action to take to achieve their goals. One of the goals might become the conduction of bacteria toxin testing and contamination monitoring, depending on the prior determination of the requirements. The third that is Microbiology testing thing to consider is the involvement of experts in the field, which increases the chances of the client achieving the right goals. The professionals work effectively while involving the clients closely to enable them to make the necessary inquiries and understand the whole process entirely. Additionally, the professionals’ close involvement with the clients enables them to first-hand analyze the various samples. 


Guaranteeing the safety of the products that get availed to the public is an essential aspect of every processing business. The involved parties work tirelessly to ensure that they comply with FDA requirements, thereby saving their businesses and protecting their consumers from exposure to harmful elements. The goal determination beforehand guides the experts and the clients to know the proper tests to perform to achieve the desired objective.