Spice up your Super Bowl experience with these tried and true recipes [videos] | Food + Living

With Super Bowl LV right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your Super Bowl servings.

Although the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has advised against large gatherings for the Super Bowl, cooking some of these delectable treats for yourself and immediate family is always an option. 

Here are some recipes that will spice up your Super Bowl watching experience from LNP|LancasterOnline food writer Kim O’Donnel.



Click the link below to view Kim’s recipe for calzone dough and broccoli rabe filling.

Homemade pizza

How-to videos:

For Kim’s full recipe, click the link below.

Chicken strips

How-to video:

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10+ Ways Chefs Love Using Hot Honey to Spice Up Their Cooking

There’s a lot to love about hot honey. After all, whose palate doesn’t salivate over the combination of sweet and spicy? This up-and-coming condiment making its way into pantries around the country can be served with just about anything, from pizza and fried chicken to seafood, grilled vegetables and even desserts. With its powerful flavor punch and versatility, it’s about to become your new favorite ingredient.

A few excellent brands on the market—Mike’s Hot Honey or Red Clay Barrel-Aged Hot Honey, for example—are easy to order online, but it’s also simple to infuse your own regular honey with

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30 Tasty Ginger Recipes to Spice up Your Life (Or at Least Your Cooking)

You know ginger as the all-important ingredient for holiday season cookies, but this spice can do so much more. It adds warmth to curries and zing to dressings. It perks up salad bowls and gives drinks an extra oomph. Whether you’re using the ground stuff or fresh ginger root (more on that below), this delicious spice is a welcome addition to any plate (or glass). Which is why we’ve rounded up 30 tasty ginger recipes that will let this golden root shine, from breakfast to dessert.

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