Food Network’s Best Chili Recipes for Game Day

On a cold Super Bowl Sunday, nothing hits like a warm, hearty bowl of chili. From traditional to healthy, there are dozens of ways to prepare the classic dish. So, to make your gameday easy, here are five of the best chili recipes from Food Network.

Chili and Cornbread for Super Bowl party spread
Chili and Cornbread for Super Bowl party spread | Glenn Asakawa/The Denver Post via Getty Images

1. Tyler’s Texas Chili — from Food Network’s ‘Food 911’

Tyler Florence’s Texas Chili adds spicy southern flavors to this winter favorite. It starts with a lightly roasted chili seasoning made from scratch, including ancho chilis, oregano, paprika,

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45 Best Elbow Macaroni Recipes

In the past year since the pandemic began, I know many of us have had to become more resourceful when it comes to meal planning. Between cooking more meals at home, working with what we could find at the grocery store when the shelves were bare and learning to stock the pantry when we could, the past 12 months have certainly taught us a lot about food.

Even though I am a weekly grocery shopper, I always keep some things stocked in my kitchen, and one that I can depend on finding in the back of the cupboard no

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Follow these Charlotte, NC, food bloggers for recipes


Charlotte food blogger Jess Bentley’s cabbage lasagna.

If you’re tired of looking at your kitchen at this point in the COVID-19 pandemic, maybe we can help. Making home cooked meals from scratch is a great way to stick to your healthy new year’s resolutions while keeping your immune system strong.

Taking a break from pre-packaged foods and takeout delivery services by whipping up something new in the kitchen can also help you save money, expand your culinary horizons and pass the time at home in a fun new way.

Anyone else fresh out of ideas for new dishes?

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Big Game recipes: Casual isn’t a must on Super Bowl Sunday


I have a friend who wondered – on Facebook, the only place for modern contemplation – whether food can be too fancy for the Super Bowl.

Actually, what she said was this: “If I were writing features, I’d write a cooking story on whether football food (specifically Super Bowl food) can be too fancy.”

Naturally, I took that as a direct challenge, while also appreciating her correct use of the subjunctive mood with the word “were.”

A football-shaped bacon mound. (Christian Gooden/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/TNS)

At the time she posted it, she still had

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Joanna Gaines Shared Recipes For Cheesesteaks And French Onion Dip So We’re Ready For The Super Bowl

We’d be lying if we said we won’t miss throwing a truly epic Super Bowl party this year, but keeping things small means we’ll get to show a little more love to the food we make for our families. What…did you think we’d miss a chance to cook up cheese-covered and fried things? Uh, no! If you’re still on the hunt for some Super Bowl inspiration, Joanna Gaines has a whole episode for that on her new discovery+ show, Magnolia Table>>>P.

a woman sitting at a table eating food

© Magnolia Network

In the fourth episode of the series, Jo makes a whole mess of what she

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Nigella Lawson’s Best Comfort Food Recipes

With the whole of the UK living under strict COVID-related restrictions right now, we all deserve (nay, need) to surround ourselves with delicious treats. And, with so much time to spare, why not have a go at creating your favourites at home? Everyone has that one dish that brings them comfort – be it a chocolatey dessert or a carb-heavy main. And you may be surprised to learn how easy yours is to cook from scratch – especially if you enlist the help of a famous chef. Luckily, Nigella Lawson has tonnes of comfort food recipes on her website

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