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Both the conical earthenware pot and the dish prepared in that cooking vessel share the name of tagine. History tells us that the nomads in North Africa used this timeless pot as a “portable oven,” which allowed them to prepare food while moving from one place to another. Due to its ancient nomadic origins, the tagine dish is from Berber cuisine. However, over the centuries, the dish was influenced by different civilizations including Arab, Moorish and Ottoman and became one of the most emblematic dishes of Moroccan cuisine.

Tagines were formerly placed on an open fire for cooking,

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Bay Area chef heads to Alaska to compete for $50K on Food Network show

When Danville chef Aly Romero first showed up in Alaska with her teammates to compete on the newest season of “The Great Food Truck Race,” she wasn’t exactly dressed for the occasion.

“We showed up in jeans and sneakers,” said Romero, laughing. “It’s the kind of cold where people tell you it’s going to be cold, but you don’t really realize what that feels like until you get there.”

Celebrity chef Tyler Florence dubbed this season of “The Great Food Truck Race” as its “most extreme season ever,” with the frigid conditions of Alaska playing a large part in the

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The Best Food Network Shows Of All Time

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Eddie Jackson, from NFL cornerback to Food Network MVP

Eddie Jackson’s body is a temple, one he once used to crush opponents on the NFL gridiron. These days, he hits the gym in preparation for a very different kind of battle: “I have to do this because I love food so much!” he said.

As chef, host, and all-around star for the Food Network, Jackson tackles (sorry) his role as food judge just like an NFL coach (“The Bolognese was very flavorful, but we think you missed the mark with the nachos”).

Correspondent Luke Burbank asked, “Is it hard for you sometimes, because you gotta like some of these

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