10 Foods With Serving Sizes That Are Way Smaller Than You Thought

The serving sizes on packaged food items and in dietary manuals can seem like useful tools for anyone seeking to monitor their calorie intake or consumption of different proteins and vitamins. And, in many cases, they can guide you in the right direction.

However, it’s important to remember that serving sizes are sometimes misleading, and it’s very easy to misread and misinterpret these guidelines.

That’s why we asked a group of 10 nutritionists to share the food serving sizes that they most often see misunderstood, to give us a clearer view of food-related expectations vs. realities.

A package of ramen usually lists one serving as being just half of the "brick" of noodles.

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Young Singapore Chefs Serve Up Hope For Street Food’s Future

After the pandemic torpedoed his chance to work at a Michelin-starred New York restaurant, Lim Wei Keat returned to his roots by becoming a Singapore street-food chef cooking local fare.

The 25-year-old is among a growing number of young street-food vendors — known as “hawkers” locally — fuelling hopes that a new generation will preserve the city-state’s culinary traditions.

Singapore is full of open-air food courts offering a wide variety of cuisines influenced by the Southeast Asian nation’s ethnic Chinese, Indian and Muslim populations.

Even after the city-state ballooned into an affluent financial hub, the hawker tradition lived on, and

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7 Bucks, Montgomery places to find heart-shaped foods for your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and no gift says “be mine” quite like food does, especially when it’s shaped like a heart.

From bread to ravioli to doughnuts, restaurants and bakeries in Bucks County are ready for romance.

Here are five heart-shaped foods to buy your significant other, crush or even yourself this holiday.

Pizza, Villa Rosa and Carlucci’s Express, Yardley

Yardley’s family-owned pizza and Italian shops are serving sweet and savory pies for Valentine’s Day.

The two locations have heart-shaped pizzas for $15.50 a pie. Guests can choose any toppings for savory pizzas.

Does your bae have

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Ernesto Coppola, Coppola Foods, on Rick Astley, coffee and vintage Italian comedies | Profiles and Q&As

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 14.26.44

What was your first-ever job? My summer job was as a quality control assistant in our family’s tomato cannery in Salerno in Southern Italy.

What’s been your worst job interview? I applied for an internship in an investment bank while doing an exchange program at a university in Paris. I could not speak French and only once I was in front of the interviewers did I realise the extent to which the Italian language is not the same thing as French.

What was the first music single you bought? I believe it was a Rick Astley single, Never Gonna Give

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Certain foods may be affecting a child’s ADHD | Feature Story

A headache does not mean one has a brain tumor, but some brain tumors do cause headaches.

Likewise, ADHD behaviors do not mean one has a food allergy, albeit some food allergies cause, in some children, behaviors that are on the official list of ADHD symptoms. (Mind you, I believe ADHD is one of many bogus psychological diagnoses, but that is subject for another column.)

I take requests, the latest of which comes from a parent who wants me to encourage everyone with a child who is impulsive, lacks concentration skills and exhibits other ADHD symptoms to see an allergist,

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6 Foods and Drinks to Avoid If You Sweat a Lot

People sweat, it’s natural. But some people sweat more than others. It could be because you have more sweat glands than most people, your anxious or because of your diet. If you want to put a stop to some of the sweating, check out these seven foods and drinks you should avoid if you sweat a lot.


a close up of food: avoid if you sweat a lot sweet salt

© Angela Kerndl
avoid if you sweat a lot sweet salt

Rumor has it, eating excess amounts of salt will make you sweat more, because when you eat a large amount of salt, your body disposes of the excess salt

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