Nigella Lawson: “Cook for yourself. No one else is going to judge you.”

She gained fame in the era of restaurant-trained, bad-boy celebrity chefs, but Nigella Lawson was never going to be the person yelling at hapless cooks on TV or swaggering on about how exotic and adventurous her appetites are. Nor, however, was she ever the picture of submissive feminine perfection — the “Domestic Goddess” thing was meant to be cheeky.

For those who’ve actually read her bestselling cookbooks and watched her numerous TV series, Lawson has endured because she is that ally you want in your kitchen — the person who sincerely is curious about food and loves it, who

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How to cook ham: The best way to cook ham

Despite being displayed more prominently around the holidays, hams are available in the grocery store year-round. No matter what time of year, ham is an impressive centerpiece. It’s easy to cook, feeds a crowd and can be tailored to your tastes with the addition of seasonings and glazes.

Five 5-Ingredient-or-Less Ham Glazes

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Ham comes from the hind legs of a pig. A whole ham consists of the butt and the shank, but what’s mostly available at the grocery store is half a ham which is either the shank or butt. The shank is tapered and more pointed and

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Nigella Lawson’s tips will make you a better cook

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Springtime means asparagus. Here’s how to select and cook it.

One of the most tempting gifts of springtime is the abundance of asparagus. With the chill of winter over and the promise of life renewed, beautiful apple-green stalks push up their purple-tinged tips. These young asparagus shoots, which are a tasty member of the lily family, need no embellishment — just a hint of lemon butter, a splash of salty Dijon mustard vinaigrette, or a sprinkle of crunchy sea salt, olive oil, and freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano.

Roasted, steamed, sautéed or boiled, asparagus is the perfect accompaniment to roast lamb or grilled fish. With some crusty bread and a glass

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My favorite way to cook vegetables is also the most underrated

Whole Food Cooking is a column by our Resident Vegetarian-at-Large, Amy Chaplin. Each month, Amy will show us a different way to love fruits and vegetables just a little bit more.

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I am a big fan of food prepared simply — and a bowl of steamed vegetables is my ideal simple meal. It requires minimal prep and can come together quickly at any time of year using the vegetables you have on hand. No need to heat the oven, peel onions or carrots or anything else, or wait for a pot of water to boil. You

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A Robot Might Cook Your Next White Castle Burger

Photo credit: Miso Robotics
Photo credit: Miso Robotics

From Popular Mechanics

  • Earlier this month, the fast food chain White Castle announced it would begin using an autonomous fry cook robot, called Flippy, to reduce human contact in its restaurants.

  • The move is meant to reduce human contact with food amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Flippy will start flipping patties at a White Castle in Chicago sometime this fall.

Robots and self-driving cars have been the secret heroes of the coronavirus outbreak, and now they could soon be cooking our food, too.

In mid-July, White Castle—the oldest hamburger restaurant in the U.S.—announced that it’s partnering with

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