March 3, 2024


Welcome to the Food

Ree Drummond shares adorable behind-the-scenes footage of filming with her mom

Ree Drummond’s latest Food Network filming session was a total family affair.

The television personality and author just shot an episode of her popular show, “The Pioneer Woman,” and enlisted the help of several family members, including her mom!

On Thursday, the 52-year-old posted a sweet behind-the-scenes video montage to her TikTok page with the following caption: “Just another day at the office! So fun filming my Food Network show with my mom today.”

The short clip begins with Drummond with her mom, then pans to her daughter Paige, 21, who’s manning a camera and shushing her soon-to-be-brother-in-law Mauricio Scott and her cousin Stuart Smith.

From there, Smith can be seen listening to one of his college classes and Drummond’s daughter Alex, 23, hams it up for the camera with her fiancé, whom she’s set to marry in two months. At one point, Alex and her cousin even break out in a dance.

During their filming session, Drummond’s mom made her “top secret pizza” recipe and the Food Network star approved, calling it “so fracking amazing.”

Her fans seemed to love the inside look at the filming process and sent their well wishes to the Drummond family in the comments section.

“You guys all hanging out and filming looks so fun! I wish I was part of the crew!” one wrote. Another commented, “I like the shows with your kids filming better than the regular shows. Seems more relaxed and fun. Keep up the good work!”

Drummond, who has four children and a foster son, also shared a photo with her mother from their day of filming on Instagram.

“My mom came to film with the kids and me today!! We had a blast. She did really great! In fact, I think I’ll just sit back and film her cooking next time,” she wrote. “I’ll be the jabba the hut on the other side of the island, holding the camera, hunched over the counter, unconcerned with what top I’m wearing, Spanxless, eating cheese. I feel that’s my real identity and I somehow accidentally wound up in front of the camera many years ago?”

The author went on to explain that her mother moved back to Oklahoma last year right before the pandemic hit and hasn’t been able to see her much over the past year.

“Looking forward to lots of good times ahead!” she wrote.