October 2, 2023


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Qidreh Recipe

Qidreh Recipe

Why It Functions

  • Nestling the meat on best of the rice alternatively of burying it will allow for a further browned crust.
  • Keeping the garlic cloves entire infuses the dish with their flavor without having overpowering it.
  • Sautéing the rice 1st ensures it does not clump or grow to be sticky in the course of cooking.

Qidreh is the hallmark dish of the Palestinian metropolis of Hebron. The term itself, qidreh, just implies “pot” and refers to the copper vessel in which this dish is usually well prepared. Seldom is qidreh cooked at household, nonetheless. The first preparing may possibly acquire area in the house, from boiling the meat to spicing the rice, but it is then despatched in its specific copper pot to the neighborhood wooden-fired oven, in which it is completely cooked.

It is thought of an critical dish for the duration of the month of Ramadan, but is also a go-to decision for weddings, funerals, and particular situations in Hebron. Variations of qidreh exist throughout the state, especially in Jerusalem and Gaza, but in its most unique kind in Hebron, the dish gets its distinct flavor generally from the wooden-fired oven and from pouring a generous quantity of samneh baladiyeh (a neighborhood clarified butter with spices) on major just before serving.

In Jerusalem, cooks have taken to introducing chickpeas to the dish, which insert both of those texture and heft to the food, and in Gaza, it is taken a step additional with complete garlic cloves and a significantly longer checklist of spices, but neither of those people additions are classic to Hebron’s variation. In this recipe I contain both of those chickpeas and garlic due to the fact, without the distinctive aroma of a wooden-fired oven, these additions enable layer extra taste into the dish. Even so, I hold the spices on the milder facet to let the substances to certainly shine.

The dish is designed with lamb on the bone, partly for the reason that lamb is the most well known meat in the Palestinian diet regime, but also since it is a pricier meat that is fitting for the special occasions in which qidreh is commonly served. At present, in some more casual circumstances, rooster is also employed, whilst the standard dish relies on lamb.

Applying bone-in pieces not only offers a extra appealing presentation, it also enriches the broth much far more than boneless pieces would. It is doable, having said that, to make a faster edition of this recipe with boneless stewing parts of lamb. That cuts about a single hour from the broth simmering time, although in that case I’d suggest earning the broth with hen stock (if possible handmade) instead of water to assist establish deeper taste.

As for serving qidreh, it is virtually usually introduced with a side of basic yogurt and a chopped Palestinian salad, which give lightness and distinction to the dish’s loaded and earthy taste.