Shocked owners of family-owned Italian restaurant get call from Barstool Fund’s Dave Portnoy

A Connecticut restaurant owner and her daughter were shocked and relieved to have been delivered a “godsend” from “The Barstool Fund”, in the form of a one-year commitment to their business, they excitedly told “Fox & Friends” Tuesday.

Jacqueline Kelsey, owner of “La Vita” restaurant, told co-host Brian Kilmeade that she rushed to get her daughter Alexina Herbert out of the shower when Barstool Sports founder David Portnoy unexpectedly FaceTime-called the family to deliver some “amazing” news.

Alexina, still wrapped in towels, rushed out to speak with Portnoy, who laughed and smiled at the family’s enthusiasm.


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Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond screams as a massive RAT runs across her kitchen while filming TV cooking show

PIONEER Woman Ree Drummond screamed as a massive rat ran across her kitchen while she was filming her Food Network cooking show.

The terrifying moment was all caught on camera, and the chef shared it with fans on Instagram before the episode aired on TV this weekend.

A massive rat ran across Ree's kitchen in a new clip


A massive rat ran across Ree’s kitchen in a new clipCredit: Instagram
The incident took place while she filmed her TV show


The incident took place while she filmed her TV showCredit: Instagram

The clip began with Ree, 52, giving instructions on how to make a bread bowl.

As she brushed the inside of the bowl with butter, a

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Ideas for celebrating Black History Month through food, from local chefs to pantry staples | Food + Living

I’m currently re-reading “The Cooking Gene,” the seminal work of culinary historian Michael W. Twitty, and I stop at this passage early in the book: “The food is in many cases all we have, all we can go to in order to feel our way into our past. For African Americans and our allies, food is the gateway into larger conversations about individual and group survival.”

I’m also thinking back to this week one year ago, when Twitty was in Lancaster, delivering a keynote at the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture conference. Among the inspiring and provocative nuggets that

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These Fourth Of July Fast Food Deals Mean You Can Spend Less Time Cooking, More Time Celebrating

Photo credit: The Fresh Market
Photo credit: The Fresh Market

From Delish

It goes without saying that Fourth of July parties might look a little different (read “smaller” or, you know, like, nonexistent) this year than they have in the past. This doesn’t mean that all traditions need to fall to the wayside, though. Your music playlist and food spread can still be on point. If you don’t feel like stressing over food prepping or you want a trusted restaurant to corral food in safe, single servings, these spots are here to help. Below, all the restaurant food deals for July 4 that you need

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Maryland Woman Loses 15 Pounds During Quarantine Cooking All Meals at Home Using This Service

For the past three months, the coronavirus pandemic has changed life as we knew it. Arguably, one of the places changed most by the virus has been our kitchens. With grocery stores facing supply chain shortages and the majority of restaurants closed or only offering carryout options, we’ve been forced to fend for ourselves and make most of our meals at home. It hasn’t been easy for anyone, but imagine cooking virtually every meal—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—for these past few months without having a dishwasher.

Not only has Lori Dominick, 54, of Green Belt, Maryland, done just that, but she

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Our best bet to create a food secure world

Improving photosynthesis: our best bet to create a food secure world
A video about photosynthesis research produced by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Translational Photosynthesis and the Australian Academy of Science Credit: Produced by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Translational Photosynthesis and the Australian Academy of Science

Australian agriculture plays a key role towards providing food for the planet but it is also expected to be one of the world’s most impacted areas from climate change.

Currently, Australia exports and produces more food than it consumes, but this could change drastically, if we don’t build crop resilience to deal with the consequences of climate extremes.

The good news is

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