July 14, 2024


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New food delivery service launches on North Coast | Local News

North Coast Grub, a new food delivery service that charges restaurants nothing to participate, is launching Wednesday.

Jakki Millo, who runs the food delivery service The Rock Eats in Castle Rock, Washington, said she was encouraged by local restaurants to expand to the coast.

North Coast Grub

A new food delivery service is coming to the North Coast.

The expansion comes amid a rush of other food delivery companies eyeing the North Coast. Slurpalicious, started by Portland couple and local business owners Candy Yiu and Akshay Dua, recently started delivering. Global delivery giant DoorDash has announced it will launch this year.

Slurpalicious and DoorDash charge restaurants varying commissions on orders, along with fees to the customer. North Coast Grub charges nothing to restaurants, instead marking up the menu prices to customers on its website for the convenience of delivery. The service delivers within 15 miles of participating restaurants, with a delivery fee of up to $5.75 depending on the distance.

“That’s our way to be able to help restaurants during this time, when they are dealing with their overhead being high, but the number of orders coming in being low,” Millo said.

The website on Thursday listed about 12 restaurants in Astoria, some of which had not yet agreed to participate. Millo said the company is in the process of reaching out to the listed restaurants, which receive a tablet to accept or decline orders from North Coast Grub.

Tony Kischner, the co-owner of Bridgewater Bistro, said he was somewhat disturbed at being listed without his permission as a local favorite. But he later met with a representative from North Coast Grub and decided to take a tablet as another way to sell food and reach a broader audience online.

“It’s no skin off my nose to get it going and see if it works,” he said.

Robin Frazier, the owner of The Oasis Bar in Castle Rock, said she was one of the first to sign up for The Rock Eats, which has brought in anywhere between 10 to 25 extra orders a day.

“It keeps my doors open,” Frazier said. “It keeps my employees employed. It’s huge. Plus it gets my food out to people who usually wouldn’t come in.”