June 15, 2024


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Moving To Patna here’s everything you need on your food menu

Best Veg and Non-Veg Restaurants in Patna 2021 For Everyone

Work-life, love life, balanced life, healthy life, gym life, or any other you categorize yourself in, you know it’s all about food, and it always will be. It may be your everyday diet, your need for calories, your guilty pleasure, or your Sunday cheat. But every time you serve yourself with a treat or a food item, you have to remember that it has to do good to your body and for that to happen, you have to like it to your core. It’s a saying food only has a good effect on your body as long as you think about it when you eat without any distractions and take your time. As you read from the subject today, we have sorted a plan for all those who are moving to Patna to uplift their work-life, romanticize their love life, or take a long vacation to do exhibitions on the Indian land. Either way, you have to eat, and you have to eat well. So from timeliness orders and deliveries of cake online Patna to regular sips of sattu, here’s everything you need to have on your list everything you think of your hungry gut in Patna.

Here’s a list of your everyday needs you can find in every nook and corner of the city and then some dishes you would like to save when you want to feel special or be on a date from home. 

  • Litti Chokha

A dish from Patna that has been in the culture for as long as one can remember as is that dish you will find every time you look around for a snack on the street. It can be a vegetable or a non-vegetable curry with a ball of cooked dough; you will love it. 

  • Paneer Samosa and kachori

Aren’t you sick of potato samosas because as long as you remember, you have been eating them only no matter what part of the country? Well, here’s some variety: paneer samosa with some delicious kachori.

  • Khaja

Khaja is your craving calmer if you love something sweet on your plate. It is crispy, dipped in sugar syrup, and made of wheat made to impress from every bite to the gut. 

  • Patna chaat

It’s not like any other ordinary cheat; it is made more exotic with a delicious and excessive taste of tamarind to blow your mind.

  • Dahi jalebi

Jalebi, you must have had a few times, but never would you have had it with dahi as we suppose. Try it here in Patna, and find it every time everywhere next because you will love it. 

  • Laung Latika

Laung tikka is a soft textured sweet dish eaten famously during festivals, and the twist to it is the laung on the top that makes it different. 

  • Balushahi

It is a dish you will eat on all days without reason. It is a ball of dough made in sugar syrup and made nicer with the taste and aroma of culture in every bite.

  • Sattu

A cooling, calming drink to have in Patna every day you need is Sattu. It is filling and delicious and can be found on the streets to give you a treat any time. 

  • Chicken korma

Chicken korma is not a new dish, but it is made new when the taste and culture of Patna are added to it with a taste of masalas you love once you taste. 

  • Dal peetha

It’s like momos just made differently with dal stuffing inside, eaten with similar chutneys and upper layer. 

  • Khurma

The perfect taste of salt and sugar you get with this khurma is what is so special about it and the crumbly crispy taste it truly is lip-smacking.