June 22, 2024


Welcome to the Food

Jacqueline Jossa reaches out to fans for help beating junk food temptation

Jacqueline Jossa’s staying strong on her health commitments – but is hit by junk food temptation.

As her kids tucked into doughnuts she’d bought for them, Jac debated treating herself to one.

And seeking inspiration, Jac – whose body confidence post have sparked floods of praise in the past – reached out to fans to help her beat the craving.

They had no intention of doing so, however, and instead tried to egg her on into scoffing one.

“All of you lot are telling me to just eat the doughnut,” she jokingly chastised them, “I thought I told you guys if I come on here and ask whether I should eat…you’ve got to tell me no, not yes!

“But you’ve all said, ‘Go on eat it!'”

Jacqueline Jossa
Jac asked fans for help in beating the cravings

“You’ve all got to be helping me and supporting me on this journey,” added jungle queen Jac.

Updating her followers later on, an out of breath Jac beamed: “I didn’t have the doughnut…and I worked out!”

Jac and hubby Dan Osborne share two daughters, Ella and Mia, while Dan also has son Teddy from a previous relationship.

And despite past rumours that they’d be having a third together, Jac appeared to rule out another baby in a recent Instagram exchange.

Jacqueline Jossa
Jac beat the urge – and even snuck in a workout

When a fan asked, she bluntly replied: “Probably not.”

But 2021 may be a big year for Dan, Jacqueline and their daughters Ella and Mia.

Reports recently emerged that they’re considering upping sticks from their Essex home into a brand new one.

Jacqueline Jossa, Dan Osborne and their daughters Ella and Mia
Jac appeared to rule out a third baby

And they may even renew their wedding vows, having tied the knot back in 2017 – but Jac insists it would be a low-key affair.

“The thought of it cringes me out slightly,” she shared, “but we might do something like renew our vows when the time is right.

“We would like all five of us in the photos – we’d do it for the kids.

“It does feel like we have a new relationship though, so it might be quite nice to celebrate that.”