June 24, 2024


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Is 7cr17mov Steel Good For Knives? A Complete Guide in 2021

The next time you are looking for one budget friendly knife for daily use, 7cr17mov seems to be a good choice to make. It must be added to your shopping list as one Chinese stainless steel option. This product is absolutely great for the first-timers or someone who is in need of a knife in a hurry. However, learning about this Chinese steel before purchasing one knife made out of it is really important. So, come to learn more about this steel in detail.

More on 7cr17mov steel:

As mentioned already, 7cr17mov is a Chinese made stainless steel. It is one cost-effective plan, and perfect for those shopping on a budget. Even though the rates of a 7cr17mov stainless steel knife will be towards the lower side, that does not mean you should avoid it. When it comes to quality, this particular knife is pretty closer to the mid-end blade than any of the average cheaper one.

  • 7cr17mov is the modified version of the 440a steel. It is more or less similar to 8cr13mov. The difference that you can get between 440a and 7cr17mov steel is associated with multiple elements. 7cr17mov is made pretty stronger and quite resistant to corrosion and wear.
  • This particular steel based knife is preferred by those planning to go out camping but do not have a knife set with them.
  • It is further a good option for those in need or cleaver or kitchen knife but have a tight budget to invest in other kitchen tools. This particular 7cr17mov steel will get your job done at half the rates.

The steep composition to address:

Depending on the rate of 7cr17mov, this steel is pretty strong and you can easily rely on its usage. It has higher Chromium and Manganese content, which will always keep the knife strong for a longer period of time. 7cr17mov is the reinforced version of 440a steel.

  • This 7cr17mov knife comprises 18% of chromium. That makes the knife pretty strong and will maintain its sharpness for a long time. It has improved corrosion and wear resistance powers.
  • Then this steel has 1% manganese, which will improve the brittleness and hardness of the blade. 
  • Moreover, you will receive 1% of silicone in the component, to increase the strength of the blade.
  • Then you have 0.75% of carbon, which can improve not just the wear but corrosion resistance power as well. It will further help with the hardness of the knife.
  • Then you have similar amount of molybdenum like the carbon of around 0.75%. It helps in improving the strength and machinability of course.

Apart from that, 7cr17mov steel comprises 0.6% of nitrogen, 0.04% of phosphorus and 0.04% of sulphur in its composition. 

A perfect option for your kitchen for sure:

Checking out all the materials will clearly help you realise the importance this 7cr17mov stainless steel holds. Now you know why this material is a clear winner to manufacture some premium graded knives, without burning a hole in your pocket of course!