July 14, 2024


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2021 is entering its final quarter, but the struggle for democracy is far from over. While things look good for Joe Biden, it’s clear Donald Trump’s white nationalist and hateful rhetoric have set root in the Republican Party. The fight for America will continue as Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans strive to prevent Democrats from passing even the most popular measures under Biden’s presidency.

The pandemic drags on with the Delta variant of Covid-19 while Americans like you continue to fight for representation and push back against the rise of fascism. Despite the challenges facing the journalism industry and the increased financial strain brought on by the pandemic, we’ve been fortunate to have a loyal reader base and to be able to navigate this landscape until now. If you’re one of our over 5,000 subscribers, we cannot thank you enough. We want to be able maintain the sanctitude of our newsroom during this public health and economic crisis, when we’re needed the most.

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