June 15, 2024


Welcome to the Food

Introducing Cosmo’s New Food Section in the Magazine and Website

Calling all ye who loveth making recipes that don’t call for gadgets you don’t know how to pronounce and opening jars that maybe (?) hate you. We’re excited to announce that we’re launching a yummy new section devoted to all things food in the mag, and to celebrate, our food section on the site is getting a makeover.

TBH, we know you *could* be eating a healthy frozen meal every night, but why would you want to do that to yourself—especially now that you have us in your back pocket? Even if your stove has just two working burners, our easy, semi-hacky, non-boring, realistic recipe and food content will make your meh post-work dinner into a Totally Fine Dining…for One experience.

But we’re not just talking recipes up in here. We know you’ve been eyeing that Insta-famous pan, and thinking about investing in an air fryer. Just consult us first, so we can tell you what’s worth dipping into your brunch fund.

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Oh, and in the mag, you’ll find even more good stuff in our brand-new section (appropriately) called FOOD. Need the final word on whether you should become a vegetarian for real? We got it in quiz form. You’ll like it. How ’bout dips you can make from? other? dips? Yep. Got that too! Feels like you should also know about something called a “snacking cake” too, so turn to page 62 in our February issue to get in on that.

food popcorn

Chelsea Kyle

What makes this whole shindig different from all the other food content out there? Well, for starters, we’re keeping things simple enough to fit into a TikTok (sorry, 34-minute YouTube videos) and hella realistic (no, you’re not doing more than three dishes tonight or making your own mayo or going out to buy a mandolin for carrot garnishes). Finally, we will never, ever, give you a recipe that asks for dried beans over canned—because that’s just a waste of an hour. The point is, we’re here for you and your cheap-ass college pans. So, pass the avocado toast and let’s do this!