June 21, 2024


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Internet Slams Man Who Ate Pregnant Partner’s Postpartum Batch Cooked Food

A woman has taken to Mumsnet to vent that her partner has eaten the meals she batch-cooked for when her baby arrives—and the internet has rallied round her in support.

Posting to the discussion-based site on December 7, under the account name Catmum789, she started by revealing she is 33 weeks pregnant and in the process of buying a house with her partner.

Currently, she stays round every other night owing to her work schedule and because her boyfriend has a son and she “can’t work and be a babysitter.”

She then explained: “This weekend I have stood for hours and batch cooked lots of freezer meals for when our baby comes.”

However, the issue is that “on the days I’m not at his he has been telling me that he and his son have been eating the food I prepared for when baby is here so most things have gone.”

The mom-to-be went on to add that she is “annoyed because I portioned the meals out for 2 so we can put them in the oven when baby is here and I don’t have to stress.”

“But he has been eating them with his son who already has a hot hearty meal at nursery.

“He’s eaten the food I spent hours preparing bear in mind I stood for hours with sciatica and an iron deficiency so constant heart palpitations when I was doing it and he was watching the football.”

The woman then ended her post by asking whether or not she was being a “hormonal monster.”

The story has gained lots of traction on the parenting forum of primarily mothers, having acquired more than 325 comments.

Many people have agreed that the woman’s partner was in the wrong, with one Mumsnet user, SpikeDearheart, writing: “Er, then he needs to batch cook to replace it then. T**t.”

Gamerchick added: “You have had a vision into your future life when you move in with this bloke. Begrudging his kid food doesn’t bode well for the future either. Personally I wouldn’t move in with him.”

FourTeaFallOut typed: “Does he know why you are all the prepared food in the freezer or he’s just tucking in to it regardless because he is too lazy to cook for his own child?”

Ikeepseeingit, asked: “Why the hell would he just take the food? Did you tell him that they’re for after the baby comes? If he knew then that’s really mean of him and he needs to spend hours cooking to fix his mistake!”

However, IAmHereForTheFood believed that maybe the mother had not considered factors such as: “1) A tiny hot meal at nursery doesn’t mean a child doesn’t need a full evening meal. 2) moving a freezer full of batch cooked food would be a nightmare!”

BusterGonad questioned: “Why didn’t you make any for his child too? What was he going to eat whilst you both ate your batch cooked meals?”

To this, the story poster explained: “I have made his son specific meals with smaller portions but this has gone to waste in the past so I gave up doing that.

“He just gives him whatever he is having and then when it comes to me being round we end up eating oven chips and nuggets so that’s why I wanted to batch cook and prepare for baby.”

pregnant woman
A stock image pregnant woman preparing food. On Mumsnet a mom-to-be revealed her partner has eaten food she prepared for postpartum.