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How to Get More Cooking DIY Recipes

Animal Crossing: New Hozions 2.0 update brings the ability to cook dozens of new dishes. Unlocking all the recipes will take a bit of searching.

Animal Crossing: New Horizonsmassive 2.0 update has been released and includes some brand new features, including the ability to cook a large number of recipes. These new food and drink items can be crafted after players have unlocked the DIY + expansion to the DIY app, which can be purchased at the Nook Stop for 2,000 miles. Players will need to head to a kitchen to cook any of the available recipes, just as they need to be at a workbench to craft DIY projects.

As with previous DIY recipes in Animal Crossing, the final product increases the value of the items used to make it. A cherry smoothie, for example, takes two cherries to make and sells for 300 Bells; on an island with cherries as its starting fruit, two are worth 200 Bells at Nook’s Cranny. There are 50 recipes players can learn through the Writing a Cookbook? milestones in the Nook Miles app, and each one will reward a number of Nook Miles. This may mean players can assume they’ve collected all the available Animal Crossing: New Horizons food recipes once they have discovered 50 dishes, but this is so far unconfirmed.

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The first round of recipes will be given to players automatically once they’ve upgraded to the DIY+ app expansion. Players will learn two sweet recipes, including a smoothie blended from two of their island’s local fruits, and six savory recipes. These first recipes are as follows:

  • Flour – five wheat
  • Sugar – five sugarcane
  • Carrot potage – one flour and two carrots
  • Pumpkin bagel sandwich – two flour and three orange pumpkins
  • Tomato curry – three flour and three tomatoes
  • Grilled sea bass with herbs – one sea bass and five clumps of weeds
  • Pancakes – two flour and two sugar
  • Fruit smoothie – two native fruit (cherry, peach, pear, orange, or apple)

Additional Recipes To Unlock In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons Deirdre Cooking

Players wishing to expand their cookbook further in Animal Crossing: New Horizons will want to purchase the Basic Cooking Recipes DIY pack from the cabinet in Nook’s Cranny for 4,980 Bells. This pack teaches another six savory recipes and two sweet recipes. This second round of purchasable recipes includes:

  • Whole-wheat flour – five wheat
  • Brown sugar – five sugarcane
  • Tomato puree – three tomatoes
  • Gnocchi di patate – two flour and three potatoes
  • Organic bread – three whole-wheat flour
  • Seaweed soup – two seaweed
  • Carrot cake – one flour, one sugar, and one carrot
  • Bown-sugar cupcakes – one whole-wheat flour and one brown sugar

Players will be able to unlock further cookbook recipes with many of the same methods used to find DIY recipes in Animal Crossing. Catching a fish that can be cooked into a unique dish will automatically unlock that recipe in the DIY app, and this likely extends to sea creatures as well. Players may find further recipes written down in the familiar message bottles that will wash up on their shores twice a day, or possibly dropped from the presents carried across their island by balloons. Players can also learn recipes from their villagers if they happen to visit them in their homes while they’re whipping up a meal. Using these methods, the following recipes were unlocked:

  • Coconut milk – two coconuts
  • Sea-bass pie – three flour and one sea bass
  • Aji fry – one flour and one horse mackerel
  • Karei no nitsuke – one dab
  • Sautéed olive flounder – one olive flounder and one skinny mushroom
  • Pesce all’acqua pazza – one red snapper, one manila clam, and one tomato
  • Mushroom salad – one skinny mushroom, one round mushroom, and one flat mushroom

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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