February 26, 2024


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Halal French cuisine, yep you read that right!

Does a dish exist if there are no online reviews? At Yummy! Reviews, we aim to be honest and transparent about the food we cover. As much as possible, we paid for the food. Where meals are offered for review, don’t assume for a moment we will disguise our delight or displeasure. What is guaranteed, however, are honest opinions (though we recognise taste is subjective) and relevant deets, to help you make a decision about a visit.

French cuisine is often elevated higher than other cuisines, with the main reason being the style of cooking, which is reliant on techniques to create layers of flavours for enhancement of a main ingredient. Every technique has a specific purpose to produce the best result an ingredient can call for. This dedicated approach to food has put French cuisine and restaurants onto the list of usual suspects in Michelin-starred lineups. 

For years, French-style cooking techniques have also made its way into every day kitchen usage. From mise en place (yea, we see you, IG/TikTokers) to roux (yep, the bakers too) to sauté to demiglace, French cooking style has a place in all kitchens. 

Now, White Label, a halal French restaurant located at 734 North Bridge Rd in Singapore, has bravely married French-style cooking with Malayan flavours. Will French techniques do justice to the powerful and fragrant mix of spices in Malayan cuisine? Check out the video for our verdict. 


The White Label is très shiok and sedap! Here’s wishing everyone a blessed and food-full Selamat Hari Raya! 

The White Label

734 North Bridge Rd


Singapore 198702