June 13, 2024


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Gaby Dalkin of ‘What’s Gaby Cooking’ Just Gave Us an Exclusive Tour of Her Kitchen

Gaby Dalkin is a cookbook author, chef, food and lifestyle writer—and has a very organized kitchen that we can’t wait to share with you.

We caught up with Dalkin to take a look through her pantry, fridge, and countertop smoothie station, and got some intel on her plans for a remodel that will transform her kitchen into her dream What’s Gaby Cooking kitchen. Post-quarantine, Dalkin plans to reimagine the space to include a larger gas range, improved placement and flow of appliances, and a general reconfiguration for her creative process.

Watch the video above for the whole tour, and check out highlights below.

Dalkin, who just released her second cookbook, Eat What You Want ($30, williams-sonoma.com), has plenty of kitchen organization inspiration and tips on must-have pantry and fridge staples.

First up, the pantry: Dalkin currently has a cubby-style pantry that’s organized by ingredient type so she can quickly find and grab exactly what she needs to bring her delicious ideas to life.

Inside the pantry, Dalkin reveals her prized possessions:

  • A huge tub of Maldon sea salt ($25, amazon.com)

  • Her new chocolate bar obsession, Chocolove Salted Caramel in Dark Chocolate, which she ordered in bulk for quarantine—genius (2 for $14, amazon.com)

  • Plenty of pasta and her favorite tomato sauce of all-time, Rao’s Tomato Basil, which she stocks up on every time she hits the store ($13, amazon.com)

  • Her new favorite chocolate chips, Guittard Super Cookie Chips—“They are half-chip, half-disc, and they are incredible,” she says ($4, instacart.com).

  • A shelf of mason jars filled with dried beans, like Rancho Gordo pinto beans and black lentils

In the fridge, Dalkin keeps cooked, prepped food, leftovers, and ready-to-go cookie dough in clear-glass containers on the top-shelf to help her remember to eat them soon. Her go-to bread, Dave’s Killer Bread Thin-Sliced 21 Whole Grains, also gets top-shelf placement—“it’s phenomenal,” Dalkin says ($6, instacart.com).

The fridge is also home to fresh produce, nut milks, beer, Dalkin’s favorite condiments—such as Calabrian Chiles in Oil ($11, amazon.com) and sambal oelek—and a sourdough starter named Larry.

Stacks of Dalkin’s eponymous collections of Williams Sonoma seasonings ($9 each, williams-sonoma.com), including Gaby’s Go To Blend, This Is Everything, and All Things Meat get their own display shelf to the right of the fridge.

By the sink, a countertop smoothie station is a convenient set-up for morning blueberry-chia smoothies, which Dalkin creates with cashew butter, cacao, chia seeds, hemp hearts, cashews, nut milk, bananas, and blueberries.

Thank you for the tour, Gaby! Follow Gaby on Instagram and her site to stay up on her latest recipes, favorites, and cookbook news.