June 13, 2024


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Food Gardening Magazine Releases 7 Vegetables to Plant in July

Food Gardening Network reveals its list of the fruits and vegetables to plant in July for a late summer and early fall harvest.

Food Gardening Network, publisher of Food Gardening Magazine, has released their July 2021 issue, which reveals a list of the best vegetables to plant in July, along with how-to videos on creating a custom DIY drip irrigation system and recipes featuring their plants of the month: Dill, Gooseberries, and Green Beans.

The July issue of Food Gardening Magazine includes several cooking and gardening videos with Senior Editor Amanda MacArthur, one of which is sharing her favorite 7 Vegetables to Plant in July for this month’s issue. Below is a synopsis of these curated favorites:

1. Beans – Bush beans, or green beans, mature in about 45 days and they love to be planted in warm soil.

2. Cabbage – Cabbage will take a little over two months to grow, and it can be a bit picky about the soil, but the vegetable is loaded with Vitamin C, iron, folate, and potassium.

3. Brussels sprouts – Hardy Brussels sprouts can thrive in cooler temperatures. This is a slow-growing plant, but a little light frost actually sweetens up the flavor a bit.

4. Lettuce – Lettuce grows quickly as long as you have a nice spot with partial shade. Plus, it’s relatively easy for beginning gardeners.

5. Mustard Greens – Like lettuce, mustard greens are pretty easy to grow, and even tolerate a light frost. They work well in the ground, in raised beds, and in containers.

6. Radishes – Radishes may be among the world’s easiest veggies to plant in July. From seed to table, you only need three weeks, and they aren’t too picky about things like soil and temperature.

7. Beets – Another delightful root vegetable, beets can survive frost and even short spells of temperatures well below freezing. They are a culinary powerhouse, too. You can boil or roast them, grate them raw into salads, and the greens are wonderfully delicious.

The Food Gardening Magazine July 2021 issue features three how-to videos in total including:

1. How to Create a Custom DIY Drip Irrigation System for Raised Beds for Under $100: If you have a raised bed garden, you know how quickly the soil can dry out, and this simple custom solution costs less than $100.

2. The Biggest Differences Between Planting in Raised Beds vs. In-Ground: This is not a pro and con list, but there are some differences between a raised bed and an in-ground garden to consider.