July 18, 2024


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Food delivery stories: Toddler orders 31 cheeseburgers from DoorDash

Food delivery became even more popular during the pandemic. Most of the time the experience is pretty standard — you order something you don’t feel like leaving the house for, spend more than it would cost to get in person and wait for the delivery driver to satisfy that food craving with the delivery.

Sometimes it doesn’t go as expected, though, so here are three stories about food delivery experiences that are a little out of the norm.

1. Toddler orders 31 cheeseburgers on DoorDash

When a toddler wants a cheeseburger, they will find a way. Kelsey Burkhalter Golden found that out the hard way when her two-year-old ordered 31 cheeseburgers from McDonald’s on DoorDash.

Golden works in media marketing and told CNN that she was working on her computer when her son, Barrett, started grabbing her phone.

Soon, Golden received a notification from DoorDash that her order would take longer than expected. She didn’t remember ordering anything.

“A car pulls in and I was like, ‘what’? so I went over to it, and she gets out a giant McDonald’s bag and is like ’31 cheeseburgers?’” Golden told CNN.

The order total was $91.70, including a generous 25 percent tip. Her post about the incident went viral on Facebook.

2. Food delivery driver saves a woman’s life

Food delivery isn’t just for bringing toddlers generous meals. Earlier this year, a DoorDash delivery driver saved a woman’s life.

Per The Washington Post, Sophia Furtado was delivering a Papa Gino’s pizza to a house in Bristol County, Massachusetts, in February. As she pulled up to the house, she could see the customer, Caryn Hebert Sullivan, lying face down in the driveway with “a pool of blood encircling her head.”

Furtado ran into the house to get help, and her husband, Robert, woke up and came outside in the chilly 30 degree weather.

Luckily, Furtado had received training four years prior to become an emergency medical technician and promptly called 911, according to NBC’s “Today” show.

Then, Furtado jumped into action with her training and held a gauze and towel on Hebert Sullivan’s head and stabilized her neck to prevent injury to the spine.

“The EMT training definitely helped at that very moment,” Furtado told The Washington Post. “If I was to take any longer or not take the steps that I took, I feel like she wouldn’t be here today.”

Hebert Sullivan survived the incident with two brain bleeds and stayed in the hospital for three weeks. She told The Washington Post, “my neurologist said, I only had 10 more minutes to live. To be here is incredible.”

The two have stayed in touch since that night, they told The Washington Post, and Furtado has renewed efforts to become a paramedic, with the help of a $1,000 educational grant from DoorDash.

“Knowing that Caryn made it was the real reward for me,” she said.

3. Customer leaves $200 tip after delivery driver got in a fender bender

Summer Lucille was waiting for her Postmates delivery driver to bring her food she and a friend had ordered. While she was waiting, the driver let her know he had been in an accident. Lucille followed the location finder to meet up with the driver to see if he was alright, as documented in her now viral TikTok video.

Everyone was OK, but the driver’s car was damaged. Lucille still wanted to get the food she ordered, so she asked him in the video, “Look, I’m so sorry about the accident, but can we have our food?”

She shared a follow-up video showing that she tipped $200 to the driver.