July 14, 2024


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Everyone is extremely caring towards my needs

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‘Kumkum Bhagya’ actress Pooja Banerjee shares how her co-actors are concerned about her needs in the last trimester of her pregnancy.

Everyone has also been taking extra care of her, be it getting her a chair to sit on the set, satisfying her food cravings or getting her home-cooked food, all her co-stars make sure that she is at ease.

In fact, whenever Pooja has a craving for particular food items the unit ensures that she gets it regardless of whether it is available on the set. Kiran Bhargava (Daljeet Kohli a.k.a. Dida in ‘Kumkum Bhagya’) also gets her favourite South Indian dishes from time to time, so that she gets good, home-cooked food on the set.

As Pooja Banerjee reveals: “Since the time the Kumkum Bhagya family got to know about my pregnancy, they have been extremely caring towards me and my needs. They have ensured that I have a chair to sit at all times, and I eat food and drink water from time to time. They also try to fulfil all my wishes, especially when it comes to my food cravings. Ever since my third trimester started, my food cravings are getting crazier by the minute and all my co-actors, including Mugdha, Krishna, and everyone else have been constantly asking me if I need anything.”

“They always try to fulfil all my wishes, no matter what. Recently Kiran ma’am (Dida) also got me my favourite South Indian dishes and I was so happy. After packing up, I ate all the yummy home-cooked meals, and I can’t thank her as well as the whole team enough. They’ve taken care of me as their own and ensured that I feel like I am at home even when I am on the set,” she adds.