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Chinese cooking wine brings tangy depth to, well . . . everything

I love cooking with alcohol. The magnificent aromas, the satisfying glug of rich liquid pouring from the bottle, and, of course, the drinking. Sure, French cooking gets well-deserved attention for its liberal use of wine, and Japanese cooking wouldn’t be nearly as delicious without mirin and sake, but there are few places where alcohol is used as effectively, or as liberally, as in Chinese cuisines. If your pantry (or liquor cabinet) is short a bottle of Chinese wine, for cooking and for drinking, it’s time to fix that. And we’re here to help.

What is Chinese cooking wine?


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#FOOD: Don’t waste money on these pre-made SHORTCUT foods! | iHeartRadio

We love a good shortcut, especially in the kitchen. Nothing beats Instant Pot cooking, sheet pan recipes and the entire bottled sauce section at Trader Joe’s is filled with time-saving magic. But some kitchen shortcuts actually make life harder, food less delicious and can be unnecessarily expensive.

Real Simple went to work to make a list… and these are a few pre-made “shortcut” foods that you shouldn’t waste your time or money on, unless you’re into being disappointed.

● Bottled lemon or lime juice – Steer clear of the lemon and lime juice that comes out of the fruit-shaped

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Cooking At Home With Tung Nguyen: Vietnamese Spring Rolls – May 6, 2021

Cooking At Home With Tung Nguyen: Vietnamese Spring Rolls

  • WHEN

    Thursday, May 6, 2021 at

    3 p.m.

    Virtual – Online

  • AGES All ages
  • COST $24.95

Join mother and daughter team Lyn and Tung Nguyen and their partner Kathy Manning for a celebration of food, family history, entrepreneurship, community and moms.

In this 75-minute class, you will learn how flavorful and simple Vietnamese cooking is as you make nước châ´m, the classic sweet-savory-tart dipping sauce of Vietnamese cuisine and two recipes to go with it: spring rolls and fish with mango-peppercorn sauce.

The latter is the

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Malaika Arora says she took up cooking as a challenge when Arhaan said she can’t do it

a woman holding a dog: Malaika Arora has a son, Arhaan Khan, with ex-husband Arbaaz Khan.

Malaika Arora has a son, Arhaan Khan, with ex-husband Arbaaz Khan.

Along with regular exercise and yoga, Malaika Arora credits healthy and balanced diet for her toned body. At the same time, she says that occasional cheat meals are allowed. More than eating food, the actress loves to cook and says that it was because of her son, Arhaan Khan, that she started cooking. Malaika recently shot for a celebrity cooking show where she revealed that she took up cooking as a challenge after her son questioned her culinary skills.



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How Musician Michelle Zauner Uses Korean Food to Honor Her Mother’s Memory

The author of ‘Crying in H Mart’ talks about grief, the joys of grocery shopping, and cooking as a form of meditation.

Photo by Barbora Mrazkova; Design by Grace Han for Thrillist

Michelle Zauner, the musician also known as Japanese Breakfast, has proven to be a master of storytelling in many forms. In her new memoir, Crying in H Mart, she explores the ways in which food can shape identity, serve as a love language, and help to process grief. And she’s earned her way to spot number two on the New York Times’  bestseller list. 

Zauner chronicles

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The 17 Best Recipes Our Food Staff Cooked Last Month

Perhaps the biggest surprise for many of us this April was the slow return to gathering, made possible by the proliferation of coronavirus vaccines. It felt like being, say, a daffodil. One by one, we poked our heads out from beneath the cold, hard ground of winter and worry, happy to face the sun and one another. The New York Times Food and Cooking team was no exception. After fighting through the cooking fatigue of late winter, we got excited by the arrival of new produce and began safely inviting those we hold dear into our homes and backyards to

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