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Sho-Nuff reopens in new location – Picayune Item

For Louis and Steffani Graham, running a BBQ restaurant as a married couple means always having a partner who will push the other to the next level.

“We love cooking and we like the idea of working for ourselves,” said Steffani.

The couple serve smoked meats, chicken, sausage, pulled pork, tacos and fish at Sho-Nuff Smokehouse Q, a food trailer on a piece of property just off Highway 11. They’re well known for their pulled pork mac n cheese. One of their best sellers is the 3 Lil Pigs sandwich, filled with pulled pork, bacon and sausage and topped with

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Wichita’s Chandali Gullick makes it to ‘Worst Cooks’ finalie

Blue team recruit Chandali Gullick cooks during the skill drill challenge, as seen on Worst Cooks in America, Season 21.

Blue team recruit Chandali Gullick cooks during the skill drill challenge, as seen on Worst Cooks in America, Season 21.

The Wichita mom with a flair for colorful wigs and disastrous cooking has made it to the finale of the Food Network show “Worst Cooks in America.”

And on Sunday night, we’ll find out whether Chandali Gullick is the best of the worst cooks, a title that comes with a $25,000 grand prize. The final episode of the show’s 21st season airs starting at 8 p.m., when one of the remaining four cooks will be named the winner.

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Ree Drummond shares adorable behind-the-scenes footage of filming with her mom

Ree Drummond’s latest Food Network filming session was a total family affair.

The television personality and author just shot an episode of her popular show, “The Pioneer Woman,” and enlisted the help of several family members, including her mom!

On Thursday, the 52-year-old posted a sweet behind-the-scenes video montage to her TikTok page with the following caption: “Just another day at the office! So fun filming my Food Network show with my mom today.”

The short clip begins with Drummond with her mom, then pans to her daughter Paige, 21, who’s manning a camera and shushing her soon-to-be-brother-in-law Mauricio Scott

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Mix in a little sweet into your savory picadillo

The Washington Post Food staff recently answered questions about all things edible and a new food newsletter – Eat Voraciously. Here are edited excerpts from that chat.

Q: The pandemic blues are really getting to me, and as a food lover living alone, I’ve been having trouble feeling excited about cooking. What are some recipes to help break you out of a cooking rut or that make you feel excited/inspired by food again?

A: I’ve been in the same boat. Cooking feels more like work than fun these days. I’m trying to stay inspired by reading about cuisines I don’t

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8 Irresistible Homemade Cat Food Recipes

Food & Cooking,Best Diet,Best Restaurants,chinese food menu,Recipes foodA platform for experimenting with new flavors and dishes, in addition to components of service, design and décor. Chengdu, the capital of China’s Sichuan province, is often seen as the official” dwelling of Sichuan delicacies — a style with a wealthy historical past, royal custom, and a variety of spicy and non-spicy dishes. Though in New York, Sichuan meals is best identified for dishes like mapo tofu, the cuisine also has landmark dishes like a steamed cabbage dish in a clear chicken broth, which was once served in royal palaces.

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Akron couple’s Jamaican jerk tacos will be on the menu at NoHi Pop-Up

An Akron couple’s love affair with food and cooking up Jamaican fare will be the main dishes this weekend at Akron’s NoHi Pop-Up kitchen.

International Jerk is a popular food truck in the Akron area that has been serving up dishes typically found in a Jamaican jerk taco truck in larger U.S. cities since 2019.

More:Akron’s North Hill ‘pop-up’ restaurant concept serves up new cooks and menus each weekend

Curtis and Chanell Humphrey, who met and were married at the Akron Masjid after a three-month courtship in 2017, say they have taken the takeout taco concept and added

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