A reader asks how to figure out what to tip on a food delivery

QUESTION: How much are people tipping for food delivery these days? I heard that pizza delivery people pay for their own gas, so should they get more? Do delivery places ever add a tip to the bill? For the last year I have been adding a little more when I had food delivered to the house, but now I want to go back to a general amount of money that I gave before the pandemic. What should I do?

CALLIE’S ANSWER: When I think of tipping, I sometimes think of giving. If you are able to tip more, I’m sure it’s appreciated. If not, go back to what you feel comfortable with.

LILLIE-BETH’S ANSWER: I think tipping is always tricky and personal, especially when you consider that tips are calculated into restaurant workers’ wages here in the United States — so a worker might get paid very little salary because salary decision-makers (like business owners or lawmakers or what’s custom in a community) expect that their tips will offset it. And in many cases it does, but it is hard for the consumer to know what’s fair and what’s not fair.