March 3, 2024


Welcome to the Food

31 Best Food Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2021 | The Strategist

Photo: Murray’s Cheese

Going out to a restaurant this Valentine’s Day is all but off the table, but you can still show your valentine you appreciate them with the universal love language of food. Sure, if you’re living with your partner or best friend you can easily call up your favorite local restaurant for delivery (and create your own tablescape with some cloth napkins), or you can buy some expert-recommended meat or oysters online and make the meal yourself. For those valentines who are farther away, there’s a bunch of customary Valentine’s Day chocolates, candy, drinks, and food that you can send in the mail, as well as a few new takes on the classics — like vegan truffles, locally sourced liqueur, and a DIY fondue kit.

Murray’s Cheese Fondue Mix, 14 oz.

They can be in charge of pouring this “nutty and hearty” Swiss cheese mix into a pan, and stirring while it heats into fondue.