Day: March 23, 2021

Food programming has helped libraries nurture communities during COVID

The Morse Institute Library in Natick will host a virtual cooking demonstration next month on the health benefits of black garlic. The bulbs are being donated by Quarter Moon Farm in Hancock, N.H.

Libraries across the state are nurturing communities during the COVID-19 shutdown. Unable to allow patrons indoors, or inside only for limited services, they are reaching out via virtual cooking and food health classes as varied as their audiences: candy making, artisan bread, banana split popsicles, Azorean specialties, and more. Classes are typically conducted via Zoom or Facebook Live.

“There’s always people who have a traditional idea that

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Air fryers, pressure cookers, and sous vide makers are now on sale for up to 50% off

Kitchen appliances are like Doritos. You can’t stop at just one. There’s an almost addictive quality to picking up cool new gadgets that make some aspect of food prep instantly simpler or more efficient. These flashy new additions to the kitchen counter may be one-trick ponies…but ya gotta admit, their one trick is usually pretty darn good.

Of course, some of those new kitchen gadgets you’ve been eyeballing come with some serious versatility — and some could even fundamentally change up how you put together meals on an almost nightly basis.

This collection of 14 air fryers, pressure cookers, and

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How to Eat Healthy When You’re Tired of Cooking | Food Network Healthy Eats: Recipes, Ideas, and Food News

For many of us, the thrill of making sourdough starters and slow-roasted meals has been replaced with kitchen burnout. When the pandemic first hit, people were actively seeking ways to make food more exciting since so many of our favorite restaurants were forced to shut down. My social media feed was filled with impressive food photos and I felt the urge to try out recipes I had bookmarked years ago. It was all going great … until it wasn’t. I quickly became exhausted and noticed that other people were over it too. As chaotic as this past year has been,

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