Day: March 6, 2021

Saweetie’s Ranch Spaghetti Is Deeply Relatable For Many of Us

​Saweetie the Spaghetti Queen

Credit: David Livingston / Getty

People share questionable food choices and opinions on the internet pretty much daily. Whether it’s a piece of steak eaten straight out of a sandwich bag, or baking the most horrendous SpaghettiOs pie made directly on a kitchen countertop in what appears to be a CB2 showroom, there’s always something horrifying (or enticing depending on your taste) out there. These abominations to the culinary arts are what keeps the food discourse loud and chugging, and this week another fighter entered the ring to serve up another gastronomical experiment to ponder.

Saweetie’s eating habits have

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The power of a meal shared, while separated

For many of us, one of the natural consequences of this past year of quarantine has been the need to cook less food. Once the shutdown took effect, all food media outlets — including The Times with our How To Boil Water series — promptly pivoted to providing recipes for one or two people. With families separated and dinner parties being a thing of the past, cooking large batches of food to share was now unnecessary, even dangerous. But as someone who has a pathological inability to cook small meals, it was the one part of our new world I

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