Month: February 2021

Akron couple’s Jamaican jerk tacos will be on the menu at NoHi Pop-Up

An Akron couple’s love affair with food and cooking up Jamaican fare will be the main dishes this weekend at Akron’s NoHi Pop-Up kitchen.

International Jerk is a popular food truck in the Akron area that has been serving up dishes typically found in a Jamaican jerk taco truck in larger U.S. cities since 2019.

More:Akron’s North Hill ‘pop-up’ restaurant concept serves up new cooks and menus each weekend

Curtis and Chanell Humphrey, who met and were married at the Akron Masjid after a three-month courtship in 2017, say they have taken the takeout taco concept and added

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Cooking With Clara’s Cookbook Brings Italy to Your Kitchen

Cooking with Clara

Mangia! Cooking With Clara: Recipes of a Lifetime brings Italy to your kitchen — no passport required.

The cookbook, which comes from Chicago restaurateur Clara Lizio Melchiorre, gives every food lover the chance to be transported to the heart of Italy, through its traditional recipes.

“I really want this collection to be more of a storybook with recipes,” Melchiorre said in the book via Closer. “A blend of the values my brothers and I grew up with, a special heritage instilled in us by our parents.”

Melchiorre opened her namesake restaurant in Chicago more than 30 years ago

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Chefclub Taps Into Social Content To Spark D2C

Chefclub, a food media company that made a name for itself with its highly shareable recipe videos, is parlaying its playful, quirky content brand into food-centric merchandise. Last month, the startup raised $17 million to fund the expansion of its product line, according to TechCrunch, helping the company move into selling cookware and consumer packaged goods (CPG). After the success of the company’s first forays into direct-to-consumer (D2C) commerce, with its 2018 cookbook and its 2019 children’s cooking set, Chefclub is looking to both extend its D2C offerings and get

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15 Things to Look for When Buying Dog Food

A quality diet is essential for the long-term health of any animal, and our dogs are no exception. Any nutritionally balanced dog diet relies on six elements: carbs, fats, minerals, proteins, water, and vitamins.

The nutritional content of the food your dog consumes will affect his or her mood, behavior, overall health, and longevity. A 2007 study on how nutrition impacts canine behavior found the brain, nervous system, and every metabolic process inhibited by inadequate nutrition. And because a dog’s behavior is a direct result of what is occurring in its central nervous system, good nutrition is paramount to a

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A guide to thickeners: cornstarch, tapioca, arrowroot, potato starch and flour

As Harold McGee explains in “On Food and Cooking,” starches are made of long chains of glucose sugar molecules that are linked to each other. Starches are useful in thickening because of the way they behave in the presence of hot water. He summarizes the process in “Keys to Good Cooking”: “When heated in a liquid, starch granules soak up water, swell, and release long, tangly starch molecules, all factors that cause the liquid to thicken.”

McGee says that cooking for an extended period, bringing the mixture to a boil or vigorous stirring will eventually thin out the mixture, which

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eight Finest Diets For Weight Loss 2020

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