Day: February 5, 2021

Popular toddler snacks no better than junk food, new study

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images 

Many parents buy packaged snacks for their kids to save themselves time and energy.

Now they are being urged to avoid these popular products, after a new Australian study found many of these items are simply ‘ultra-processed junk foods’. 

The study, conducted by Jennifer McCann from the Institute of Physical Activity and Nutrition at Deakin University, found that 85 per cent of toddler food and milk drinks are ultra-processed, while 80 per cent were sweetened. 

Published in the journal Public Health Nutrition, McCann says the findings are worrying because many parents assume that food made especially

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The best dog food delivery options for 2021

Food delivery services are more popular than ever in 2021 and that even includes a competitive field of pet food delivery options. If you’re specifically looking for the best dog food delivery companies, our picks should help you find something that suits your four-legged friend.

Many of these delivery services take your dog’s dietary needs into account to create custom dog food blends, including raw dog food, that are shipped alongside an array of dog treats, toys, accessories and gear to keep your best friend healthy, happy and warm all winter.

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What are ‘dark kitchens’ are how are they taking the food delivery business by storm?

Juan Diego Gaitán prepares burgers in his 'dark kitchen' in Madrid

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Juan Diego Gaitán prepares burgers in his ‘dark kitchen’ in Madrid

Juan Diego Gaitán, co-founder of Food Craft and Analú, makes burgers and desserts in his kitchen in Madrid, just like he would in a restaurant. The difference is he doesn’t have a dining room, waiters or even his own street-level shop. His meals go straight from his stove to the customer’s doorstep.

He rents a so-called ‘dark kitchen.’ It’s a cooking space in a shared warehouse aimed at the food delivery businesses. Due to COVID-19 restrictions the industry is booming.

He started his brand with his

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Norfolk community considering ordinance to allow restaurants to open drive-thrus

NORFOLK, Neb. (KTIV) – Officials in Norfolk, Nebraska, continue to discuss an ordinance that would allow restaurants to apply for conditional use permits to create drive-ins and drive-thrus.

If approved the ordinance would allow restaurants to offer other services during the pandemic.

The first reading – which was a proposal – passed on a 6-to-1 vote. The next 2 readings will be discussed at the city council meeting on Feb. 16.

Director of Planning and Development Valerie Grimes said this could provide some assistance to restaurants in the downtown area.

“There is the potential to have this help them. As

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Food truck gave birth to Mesa restaurant | Business

Orvid and Maria Fernana Cutler opened their Venezuelan restaurant six months ago in downtown Mesa, but the Gilbert couple have been rolling with their dishes for a lot longer than that.

The Cutlers, who run Que Chevere (cay shev-ray), have been operating a food truck for four years after they chucked their previous jobs for the restaurant business, something they’d never been involved in before.

Orvid previously worked in mortgage banking and Maria at a web hosting company.

Maria moved to the U.S. in 2003 from Barquisimeto, Venezuela, and years later met Orvid, whose family moved to Arizona from

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Annual Soul Food Luncheon to be curbside pick-up only on Feb. 23 | Kicks

JANESVILLE—Serving collard greens as an entree in an attempt to block out bitterness is sort of like using garlic to sweeten cheesecake. On the surface, it doesn’t make sense.

But if you add some salt and lemon juice, allow time for it to marinate and monitor its temperature, the greens’ natural acidity starts to dissipate. Before long, more appealing tastes begin to emerge.

There’s an important message hidden in this simple cooking lesson. And for 16 years, students at Blackhawk Technical College and local community members have discovered it together during the school’s annual Soul Food Luncheon.

Unfortunately, many would-be

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